Public offer for provision of services


IE "Rybakov Alexander Gennadievich"

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Phone number: +79011207688
Business address: Tver region, Zubtsov, Yuzhny microdistrict 5-71


1. This document is an official offer (public offer) of IE Rybakov Alexander Gennadievich (hereinafter referred to as executor) and contains all the essential conditions for provision of advertising services on internet, as well as graphic design.


2. In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation (Civil Code of Russian Federation), in event of acceptance of conditions set out below and payment for services, legal entity or individual making the acceptance of this offer becomes a customer (in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 438 of Civil Code of Russian Federation, acceptance of offer is tantamount to concluding a contract on terms set out in offer), and contractor and customer together are parties to this contract.


3. In connection with above, carefully read text of this public offer and familiarize yourself with price list of services. If you do not agree with any clause of offer, contractor invites you to refuse to use services.


4. Offer - this document "Public Offer Agreement for provision of advertising services on internet, as well as graphic design of IE" Rybakov Alexander Gennadievich ", published on internet at:


5. Offer acceptance - full and unconditional acceptance of offer by customer taking actions specified in clause 16 of this offer. Acceptance of an offer creates an offer agreement.


6. Customer - person who accepted offer, and is thus customer of contractor's services under concluded offer agreement.


7. Offer agreement - an agreement between contractor and customer for provision of advertising services on internet, as well as graphic design, which is concluded through acceptance of offer.


8. Pricelist - a current systematized list of contractor's services with prices, published on internet resource at: and given in appendix to this offer.


9. Subject of this offer is provision of advertising services to customer on internet, as well as graphic design, in accordance with terms of this offer and current price list of contractor's services.


10. List of rendered services for promoting advertising services on internet, as well as graphic design, is given on website, which is an integral part of this offer.


11. Public offer and its annex are official documents and are published on internet resource at:


12. Contractor has right at any time to change price list and conditions of this public offer unilaterally without prior agreement with customer, while ensuring publication of changed conditions on internet resource at: at least one day prior to their commissioning.


13. Provision of advertising services on internet, as well as graphic design are provided in full, subject to 100% (one hundred percent) payment by customer.


14. After reviewing price list of contractor's services and text of this public offer, customer forms an electronic application on website:


15. On basis of received application, contractor automatically issues an invoice (receipt) to customer for payment for selected service in electronic form.


16. Customer transfers funds by payment in any way through gateway provided by contractor's partners.


17. After customer pays for invoice and credits funds, offer agreement comes into force.


18. Within no more than 30 working days from date of acceptance of offer, performer ensures provision of services to customer in accordance with his application, unless another deadline is specified in application.


19. Services are deemed to have been rendered properly and in full, if within three days from date of rendering services, customer has not sent a motivated refusal to accept service to address of contractor. Warranty for services provided is 30 days from date of order execution, unless other warranty periods are specified in service description.


20. Contractor makes every effort to ensure high-quality and uninterrupted provision of services to customer in accordance with price list of services.


21. Contractor is not responsible for violation of terms of offer agreement, if such violation is caused by force majeure circumstances (force majeure) or circumstances that do not depend on work of contractor, including: changes in work of social networks, streaming and digital platforms, actions of authorities state authorities, fire, flood, earthquake, other acts of god, lack of electricity and / or computer network failures, strikes, civil unrest, riots, any other circumstances, not limited to those listed above, that may affect fulfillment of terms of this public offer by contractor and beyond control performer.


22. If it is impossible to provide services due to fault of contractor, contractor undertakes to refund money paid by customer, but not earlier than 3 months after payment. In other cases, no refunds will be made.


23. For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this public offer, parties are liable in accordance with current legislation of Russian Federation. Contract comes into force from moment of acceptance of offer and is valid until parties fulfill their obligations. All disputes and disagreements are resolved through negotiations between parties. Term for consideration of complaints is thirty days.


24. If offer is accepted, you agree to accept news and discount coupons to e-mail you entered no more than 1 time per week.





Each request is considered individually, on a first come, first served basis and takes time.


After your return request is approved, manager will inform you about it. Refund process itself can take up to several weeks, depending on payment method, your bank and other reasons.


An erroneous payment is handled in this way:


Submit a refund request by sending a message to our mail;


Include both order numbers. First, indicate order number for which you want to receive a refund.




If in request for a refund you indicated a refund method other than the method of replenishing your account or paying for service;


If you violate requirements of applicable law, terms of contract or rules for using service;


If reason for refund is not specified.




Refunds are made only if it is impossible to fulfill the order, otherwise, refunds are made at discretion of TAW Agency.




Refunds are made in same way as purchase was made. We always return funds only by method of payment by which we received funds from you. For example, if you paid for service with a VISA / MASTERCARD, refund is made by canceling transaction (refund) and, as a result, refund can only be made to your VISA / MASTERCARD. Refund times depend on which payment method was used.


When making a refund, a service fee or a bank / payment system commission for refund may be withheld, which are deducted from amount to be refunded.